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A squatter who tried to use a Shake Shack receipt to prove legal rights to a Queens house was indicted on charges including burglary and identity theft, prosecutors said Monday.

Lance White-Hunt, 24, of 18th Street in Brooklyn, went so far as to sue the actual homeowners — Denis Kurlyand and Juliya Fulman — back in March to cement his legal right to live in the $930,000 home on Lakewood Avenue.
Compassion is helping these people beat this dope, not enabling addiction by decriminalization.
Yes, that's the big issue of our times. People think that compassion is about saving people from discomfort and suffering, And that always leads to in the inevitable result of self-destruction. These are confusing times indeed.

The younger generations have chosen to ignore human nature and history, and therefore the incoming generation is going to have to re-learn wisdom and common sense from scratch ... I hope it's not too late for that.