Analyzing Receiver Circuit

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    Oct 29, 2012
    My Electronic Circuits professor gave my group and another group two circuits to analyze. They are part of a receiver transmitter circuit used for heart rate monitors in patients. He worked on this circuit and he gave my group a hint on the receiver circuit. He told us that the inductor capacitor combination at the beginning of the receiver circuit is called a tank circuit. My group has a general idea about how the separate components of the circuit work by themselves but we are having trouble putting everything together and showing how the circuit works as a whole. My group would greatly appreciate it if you could guide us through this circuit so that we can start more specific research and hopefully build the circuit and present it to our class. The schematics for both circuits are attached in a zip file.
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    You'll catch more flies with honey, in this case schematics that folks don't have to work for.

    Here are B/W conversions to png