Analysing and tweaking LC oscillator

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    Jan 1, 2011
    Attached is a schematic of an LC oscillator combined with a relaxation oscillator used to generate a frequency proportional to the added capacitance/inductance (by 1/2*PI*sqrt(LC)).

    I need to play around with the static LC values while obtaining accurate frequency values. It is not a problem for me if you suggest to replace the relaxation oscillator with a pulse generator.

    The principle of this circuit is that when the output of the comparator goes high, the lc network is fed a step voltage and fired to oscillate freely being under damped. This cycle is periodic.

    Can you suggest a good way of simulating this circuit to findout exactly what is happening and how I can improve my inductance/capacitance range effectively? I am using Orcad v16.0.

    I only simulated simple circuits like small signal amplifiers so the more steps the better.

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