Analogue Displays (Where can you buy find?)

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Hi all,

I am doing a group project for uni where we have to design, price and build a control unit for an electric scooter.

I am finding it difficult to source out analogue displays that will display revs and speed. Does anyone know of any manufacturers or suppliers out there I can get prices and information from?
I guess manufacturers would be better as external distributers will want to make their mark up on what they sell us.

Thank you for your time.


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You could check at an autoparts store, online.
I'm afraid I'm not the one that did this I just know it's possible.

Here's one answer I found online you can use some DC motors as generators, you can make a simple generator with a magnet on a shaft and a coil. Measuring this voltage can give a speed or RPM reading. It's up to you to make it all work harmoniosly. :)

"By knowing the RPM of your wheels and the circumference of the wheels you can then calibrate and extrapolate the MPH. It is very easy using electronics to do this and not too difficult using gears and flex extensions to mechanically drive a small generator that puts out a voltage based upon the RPMs of the Generator. The output of the small generator then is routed to an electromagnetic device at the Speedometer that then shows the MPH that the car is going."


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Find a meter that can be dissassembled, and replace the chart with your own.

I was able to turn This little guy into a temperature indicator. The chart is 46mm x with "0" @ 5.5mm from the edge. Probably not quite big enough for a scooter dashboard, but there should be other meters around lending themselves to similar modification.

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Thank you for responding guys.

What I am really looking for is a manufacturer that could supply me with around 8,000 units per months.

Me and my university group for this project need to produce a production cost estimate for our control unit, and therefore I need to source out a bulk supplier for rev and speedo meters.

I have no idea who bulk manufacturers are so if anyone could forward me some names I would be most grateful.