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    Hi new to this so sorry if I the wrong place

    Im in need of some questions answered and some help understanding them about analohue electronic components

    how do the terms on amd off amd high resistance and low resistance relate to BJT

    If a darlington pair has a base current of 1mA and the current through the collector is 500mA what is the gain of the transistor

    describing SCR ratings of reverse voltage and forward voltage
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    Oct 25, 2009
    Well, if a transistor is "on" then current can flow through with relative ease, that is it has a low resistance. If the transistor is "off" then current flow is either small or non existance, in other words it has a high resistance.

    If a darlington transistor has 1mA base current with a collector current of 500mA then the gain is the output divided by the input, in this case 500mA / 1mA = 500
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    Jul 2, 2014
    Okay thanks that makes it easier

    Also do you know what the purpose of dual charger circuit and zener diode as voltage stabiliser is and what the diode is doing to the current or voltage,
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    Sounds suspiciously like Homework.
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    Could be.. its hard