Analogue circuir design, what is it still used for

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I came across certain pdf file from some educational institution regarding introduction to Analogue Electronics on Google some time back. I need not to be introduced to Analogue, but yet another thing which I stumbled across in that file, arranged rather nicely in the beginning I must say. It revealed that in the digital age most things have gone digital and their analogue counterparts have become obsolete (we all know that of course). But, it also made manifest those particulars where analogue circuit design is used even now and is unlikely to be overtaken by the digital revolution.

One example is power supply circuits, oscillators but I am unable to remember the rest precisely and also unable to find the particular file which I saw some months back.

So coming to the point, what is Analogue circuit design still used for and is unlikely to be replaced with digital. The reasons for which we still must become good at analogue design. Can you recommend something for me to read?


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If you look closely at digital electronics, you see that they still work under the laws of the analog world. You may think of digital as instantaneous "highs" and "lows", but alas, look at rise and fall times in "digital" components. Then there are the analog functions of associated electronic components and circuit layout. Good digital design requires an understanding of how inductance, capacitance, and resistance affect what you would like to be clean instantaneous signals. And, most of the inputs and outputs of digital electronics are ultimately analog.



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Even a digital circuit may require an analog current amplifier if it needs to control something that takes more current than the digital IC's can provide.

Also: analog to digital (and vice versa) converters.