Analog VU questions.

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    Apr 11, 2011
    I had an idea the other day about connecting an analog VU meter to a power supply (battery) and to a microphone and using it to measure sound intensity of conversations and everyday things. I originally planned on putting it into a brass vambrace for a steampunk project (more on that later) but right now I just want to see what I would need to do / a basic circuit chart. My dads got his degree in fixing circuitry and I have a high school level know how of basic circuits so I just need help

    Thanks in advance,
    Joshua DeWeese

    P.S. I would post a circuitry schematic but I have no idea what compenents i would need to add besides a switch battery and Mic.
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    Jump over to your friend and mine, google, and search for "Sound Level Meter Circuit"

    That should give you enough info to choke a goat. ;)

    Depending on the type of microphone you use, electret or piezo, the circuit will be different.

    Also, start reading through the eBook at the top of the page. This will get you familiar with the components you will be seeing in the googled schematics.