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can anybody tell me how can i get a -5V from+5 V . actually we r given a +5V and a ground. now i hav to use the same ground as ground and generate a -5V from this to use it elsewhere in the circuit


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Grab a charge pump inverter like a 7880 and two 10 uF tantalum capacitors and there you are. Provided, of course, that you don't need more than about 10 mills current. There's probably heavier duty devices, but I'm not familiar with them.


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Texas Instrument Website Link

The link above should take you to TI's website where you can get the datasheet on the TPS60400.

One possible solution is to use an IC called a charge pump. It can be used to create a negative version of the positive input voltage. TI's TPS60400 is just such a device. In your case, You would feed it +5V and it would produce -5V out. The only drawback to these devices is the rather low output current they can produce. This devices is rated to output 60 milliamps. If this current is insufficient for your application then you will need to take another approach.

I have another idea but I need to do a little more research and then get back to you.

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