Analog IC Design Experiences?

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    I am currently wrapping up my last year of my combined electrical and computer engineering degrees at uni. I've become more and more interested in analog and/or mixed-signal IC design as my academic career progresses. This is surprising to me as I originally went back to college to focus on embedded design/DSP, being a big computer and audio geek, but have found myself reading more about amplifier design and other things analog in my spare time than embedded/computer arch topics. I actually like my semiconductors class more than my algorithms course.

    I am assuming that there are seasoned pros on this board that have spent a portion or a majority of their careers involved with IC design, be it analog or mixed-signal. Did you enjoy your career? Any experiences good or bad you wouldn't mind sharing? It's a pretty open-ended question I admit. Thanks in advance for any advice given.


    Perhaps this is a poorly timed question:

    Bob Pease Laid Off

    Semiconductors down 30% for February
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