analog hall device; will appreciate help

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I'm a guy who's not knowledable about what's being asked. I hope the information will help me in this project. What we're trying to do is use a computer to get water usage data.

I'm trying to use an analog hall device, connected to a water meter in a pit outside, to a computer in the house.

This is the analog hall device:

this is the DAQ software on the computer:

The question is on the analog hall device. It will go from a pit, outside, in the ground---to a computer in the house. It will take about 50' of connections to it.

Would small paired (speaker wire) be OK for this? I'd like to have on set of wires with 5vdc power on it, and another set going to the DAQ software.

Help appreciated.
I've used 250 ft.(76m) of 2c shielded cable for a Hall effect probe with no ill effects and no degradation of signal.

Cheers, DPW [ Always remember you are not going to live forever.]