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    Jun 1, 2011
    ITs been 5 years for me working, I havent designed a single circuit, I was good at analog in school, as I started working I moved to different domain, now I see chance of coming back to analog, and I'm a layman again. I do remember some basics but I would say 1%,

    How to start with analog design, what will be my 1st step, what basics should I go through and what tool I should learn to start simulating the circuits

    Appreciate your time in responding to this post
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    Apr 5, 2008

    Take a some time to go through the eBook at this site.
    You will find the entries to the different parts on the tabs at the top of each page.

    An other good resource is the EDUCYPEDIA:

    This page has a lot of links to parts and circuits.

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    Sep 25, 2008
    LTSpice from Linear Tech is a good tool to start with for simulating analog circuits. One of the nice things about it is that it is free...

    I think the best way to start, since you have already have exposure to analog circuits in school, is to actually set out to build something. What type of thing would you like to build??
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    Jun 1, 2011
    My actual work is Industrial Automation, I work on interfacing transducers, different sensors, and try to control a system. I have no idea what to start with, I will go through diode and different kinds and transistors. MOSFET's are killing me right now.