Analog communication design problem :Plz help

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    Jun 23, 2011
    I have got a analog communication design problem ,which i am not able to interpret properly and cudnt understand from where to start!!!! plz help!!!

    "Hardware Required: Bread board, general purpose PCB, 741 op-amps, resistors, capacitors, connecting wires.

    Project Statement: Assume you have been appointed in Telegraphic office where the first task given to you is to generate a pulse waveform (discrete) from 5V p-p continuous time varying signal and must have a frequency cycle of 1KHz. Design a circuit for the same.

    Any specific instructions pertaining to this project:
    1)Detailed study of hardware components is required.
    2)You should search the proper mapping by which these components should be connected.
    3)Study the data sheet of 741 op-amps carefully. "

    just provide me a basic understanding how to start on wid dis!
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    I need some clarification on what is being asked for. Do you understand it? Can you describe what the output of your circuit is supposed to look like if the input waveform is flat at -2V? At +1V? If it is a 5Vpp triangle wave at 10Hz? At 100Hz? I don't, but you may have some context (the class you are taking) to draw upon that I don't, so if you can describe what the output for each of those should look like it will help a lot.
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    Jun 23, 2011
    actually its a bit confusing but as i have interpreted it :
    1)I have to make a transmitter
    2)i need to use a 5Vp-p time varying signal as modulating signal(i think it must be either PAM or PWM)
    3)but the output signal must be at a constant frequency of 1khz...... that means its PAM(in pam freq is constant)
    4)there is no info about the carrier so hence we have to calculate carrier frequency for this pam transmitter.