analog circuits

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i'm trying to learn electronic analog circuits by self study.what is a good approach? learn the basic devices and study how it is used? is analog circuits too broad subjects?


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You will need to understand the basics of how the various components operate before really being able to study circuits. The Ebook on this site (links at the bottom of the page) is a good start.


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A good set of reference materials can be found in the AAC ebook at I highly recommend you include this material along with any other material to which you have access.

As you can see beenthere and I both agree on the high quality of the material it contains.



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Analog circuits is fun stuff, but requires a pretty good background to start really designing things properly. Like a lot of things, you need to really practice with the design work to really get an appreciation and understanding of what you're dealing with.

How far along are you?



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I am also going to champion the e-book - why wouldn't I?! :D

If you are starting out I would recommend that you not only read up on the subject, but also build some circuits and see them working - it is amazing what you will learn from trying something out, making a mistake and correcting it.

So to supplement the e-book try the experiments that supplement the individual volumes - you will find each section is cross-referenced to the relevant theoretical section(s) in the e-book. There are also analog IC experiments you can play with.

The whole e-book is free to use, and feel free to download the e-book in PDF to take away with you when you don't have access to the net. Remember the e-book is not fully completed and is an ongoing piece of work with sections and corrections being added all the time. AAC and ibiblio are the most up to date versions of the text.