An interface for my newly built theremin

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    Dec 14, 2013
    I just completed a small theremin project. I now have it built using prototype materials. It runs on 5v. When i first finished it, i was low on time and i used a mini amp to connect to for an audio signal which i then connected to an ipad sound visualizer. So i converted to sound to visual. This was a hassle, and it was weak. I now want to directly connect the electrical output to my computer. I'm considering purchasing an interface, possible this:

    This way i can take a guitar input cable and directly connect it. Then i can run that to my mac and use audacity to visualize my theremin sine waves. I'm skeptical about this method and i want to make sure it will work before i purchase my mixer. Another doubt i had was power. I don't want to connect my theremin to 15 volts of electricity. I don't know how these mixers work so any clarification to address my concern will be appreciated.
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    Dec 8, 2012
    Interfaces are going way down in price the last few years.
    I have owned several Behringer products over the years, even though some people put their products down, as being cheaply made.

    I just bought this Focusrite interface with mic pre-amps.:

    Almost bought this guy:

    The model you are looking at should do fine.

    This guy would be much better if you want to stick with Behringer:

    Look for the best pre-amps and the lowest latency.

    Here's a lower priced interface:

    Lots of options nowadays.:cool:
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    There is no concern about 15 volts getting into your Theremin. A capacitor can pass the audio signal and block any DC component with very little cost or effort. Your pre-amp probably already has one in it.