An Electronics solution is not always the best...

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...except maybe on an electronics forum

When discussing solutions in this post, there were several comments that a mechanical solution might be best.

It made me think of a video I once viewed that was inspirational. Well, I couldn't find it back then but did so today. This is a classic presentation of different mechanical solutions, for converting motion in several directions, speeds and cycles. Enjoy.



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Makes me want to go to the shop and fire up the machine tools! Though I've made a number of mechanisms, one thing I always wanted to do is cut my own gearrset. I've seen a lot of guys do this in youtube. My gears don't need to be hardened steel or anything like that, I just want to make something and watch it mesh (like the videos)


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They have one popular gear train, where they print all the gears in place at once. The way they mesh they could not be assembled any other way. So, when it has cooled from the print, you "pop" them loose from each other (they are loosely bound) and you have a mechanism. Kinda neat.