AMS 3609-001 and 3609-002 IC's

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    May 7, 2009
    Hi guys,

    I repair all sorts of odd electronic gear, and it is a constant pain trying to source parts that are no longer generally available.

    It is surprising just how many can be found with a little bit of effort and parting with the necessary folding stuff ... but I am stumped with the parts mentioned above in the heading.

    In fact, I have been looking for a source of those IC's for 4 or 5 years ... renewing my efforts every time more equipment comes in needing those parts.

    Can anyone provide datasheets for them please ... and also a source of new IC's as well.

    They are 20 pin DIL, and appear to be communication chips ... but the crazy part is that they also provide the clock signal for the micro on each board that they are fitted to ... having a crystal hanging off a couple pins ... and other pins that connect to the osc pins on the micro.

    With a datasheet, I may be able to create a workaround ... but there are too many unknowns at the moment.

    Thanks, Wes
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    Oct 2, 2009
    Can you provide the type of equipment, make and model number, where these components are used?

    Also a clear, well focused photo of the circuit board would help.

    Those numbers could very well be in-house part numbers for custom components which means you are out of luck trying to source them.
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    May 7, 2009
    Ok ... I have seen the AMS 3609-001 20 pin DIL in ..

    DeLaval MPC1 Milk Metering device
    DeLaval T200 Milk Vat Control board
    DeLaval C200 Wash System Control board
    DeLaval Alpro Station Controller board

    and the AMS 3609-002 SOP20 in ...

    DeLaval MPCII Milk Metering device

    I know I've seen them in other devices too ... just can't think of any more at the moment

    They are made by AMS ... with their logo clearly shown ...

    Wikipedia ...

    "ams AG, formerly known as austriamicrosystems AG and still known as AMS (Austria Mikro Systeme), is a multinational semiconductor manufacturer"

    I'll have to get the camera out and take some shots. :)