Amplifier repair

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Hi there

I don't know if this is the right forum to ask a question like this, so if it's not... anyone know of a better suited forum? :)

So my quesion is regarding my subwoofer which has a built in amplifier, and recently the amplifier seems to short-circuit and usually blows my fuse almost immediately, after a few milliseconds of electrical noise coming from the amplifier.

The amplifier that I have is an M-Audio BX10s. I just opened it up and there seems to be something brown has leaked out of the big coil, but has now hardened. You can see this better in the following pictuers:

Location where the leakage occurred from the amplifier:

Brown stuff that leaked from the amplifier inside the subwoofer:

Detailed view of the brown stuff

I'm wondering if this looks like something I can fix myself, maybe by changing out that coil? Or do you guys recommend taking this in for repairs?