amplifier input D.C levels?

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Neil Groves

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Hi Guys....

Well i just finished my Syntom circuit on stripboard after debugging it for quite a time, 2 components in the wrong place, 3 breaks in the copper strips that hadn't been made and 5 breaks that i thought i'd made but the drill hadn't gone right through the strip (i must have been half asleep when i put this together :rolleyes:) and am ready to hear what the beast sounds like, my concern though is although i have a healthy 1V signal bouncing around on the output, it sits on a 4V DC level, is this safe to send into an amplifier input?



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You probably would be better to put an AC coupling capacitor in series with the "hot" side of the line to the amplifier. Normally inputs are DC blocked, but you might have problems since you cannot be sure of that. Perhaps a capacitor of a few hundred nanofarads would suit.