Amplifier Design with requirements ( Rin=60k , Rout=50ohm, Voltage Gain=+100 Bandwidth=50Hz-10kHz

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Hi guys,
i'm new around here and i really need your helps.
So i have a tiny project and it's about designing an amplifier.

The design requirements are;

Rin= 60k
Rout=50 ohm
Voltage gain= +100
Bandwidth= Between 50Hz - 10kHz or more.

I was wondering if u guys can help me. So i searched on the internet and looked some kinda book pdfs. For high input resistance, i think i have to build a common emitter amplifier circuit. And then, for low output resistance i need common collector ( emitter follower ) circuit. So my full circuit must be 2 stage amplifier CE-CC. Could you please help me finding the resistor and capasitor values for this design?

Thanks in advance.
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