Amplifier Design Problem (High gain, high BW)

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    Apr 15, 2010
    I need to design a multistage amplifier using 2 BJT's (1 NPN, 1 PNP) and one P-channel JFET.
    It needs to have relatively high gain and bandwidth characteristics.

    I was thinking of using a cascode amplifier design, however am not sure how to include a 3rd transistor...?
    Or would i be better off using two Common Emitter stages and a third stage with good BW characteristics... does a Common Drain?

    The JFET would be good as the first stage because if its high imput resistance (i was thinking maybe a Common Drain... does it have good bandwitdh characteristics though?)

    Another thing i guess i might need to worry about is not losing too much current through the stages.

    Any help woudl be much appreciated!