Amplifier Circuit For Speakers

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I have speakers Edifier R100.

Here are the specifications :

I am not satisfied with its performance, the base got too noise when i increase the volume. I want to modify them using any high power amplifier.

As Input Impedance: 10K Ohms , can someone suggest me any high power amplifier circuit. Does amplification will really solve my problem ? If not what can be the alternatives ?



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U will hear what you paid for.

Making good sounding Hi end Audio is Expensive and not for n00bs.

U will need good bass unit and a powerful amp which by the way will cost around 10 units of ur edifier


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Those speakers have built-in amplifiers. You cannot easily add an amplifier. And it would not improve them.

Go to then build a chipamp or a class D amp (or a discrete transistor or tube amp) and some speakers. Or, if you're in a hurry, go to and buy a used Adcom GFA-545 or GFA-535 power amplifier or something like a Hafler DH-220, a preamp for volume control (if needed), and some much bigger and better speakers. I like used Magnepan planar speakers (or Vandersteen) the best, considering the prices vs the sound quality. Total cost could be < $500 and the sound quality will totally blow away anything new that's less than ten times the price.
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Dump that Edifier junk and get some real speakers such as studio monitors for nearfield listening like a computer system usually is.

Ans STAY AWAY from class D amplifiers, they are horrible!!! If you buy one, you will be more dissappointed than you are with the current system.


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may be transformer huming is there. ground the core. this could solve the problem. the model you use is a single ic (amplifier) circuit in it. you need a double IC amplifier. put a double IC 6283 board or a TDA2030. these offer very high performance. in india we generally use these products in our CD players. also search semiconductor websites for the new IC's you get double IC boards for each of them. in india it costs 1000-1200 rupees. and may be around about 100$ in US or UK.


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I think the OP is long gone, but he asked how to improve what he has, not how to start over (which may be better advice!).

AC hum is likely the noise he hears at high volume. I think a larger filter capacitor on the power supply might help. If the OP has a pile of junk, he should be able to find a nice big electrolytic capacitor to try. Look for a voltage rating no less than the current capacitor, and a higher mfd rating. Pay attention to the polarity markings.

Some improvement in shielding might help, but it's hard to say without seeing the actual PCB and enclosure. Testing performance using a battery instead of the AC power supply would be interesting.