Ampere and voltage of acid

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I want to ask if it is possible to measure the ampere and voltage ratings of a specific acid under specific circumstances (i.e. Volume of acid, percentage of concentration, etc)?
Ex. Ampere and voltage ratings of 10 mL 10% acetic acid.

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There are tables kicking around here and there. Basically the big thing is the two metals, followed by the acid. Acid is conductive, it has to be for the battery to work, because all the current flows through it.


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The anode and cathode metals have as much to do with the voltage as the electrolyte does.

Midway down this page is a potential table for various metals/conductors.

The electrolyte matters a lot in whether the battery can be recharged (e.g. if the chemical reaction that produced the current can work both ways, as in a lead-acid battery).