Ambient Light Detection Based Light Dimmer

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Well, there is this course on 'Generation and Utilization of Electric Power' that I am taking that requires a project to demonstrate efficient utilization of power and I had the (not so new) idea of designing a cheap and smart auto light dimmer for it which works on ambient light detection.

    The catch is that I wish it to involve some level of embedded design (actually, a PIC microcontroller) at its heart as I am just starting out with it and I'd like to explore its various applications.

    Although I do wish to build a working prototype of the said model connected to say, an incandescent lamp or something (just for a demo), I am stuck at a few places to start with:

    1. What kind of sensor could provide reasonable detection of ambient light variation but be cheap at the same time so the whole module is economical.

    2. I have never connected my PIC to relatively high voltage ac sources before. What kind of interfacing might I need?

    I have a few more queries but I guess I'll put them up after I have given them some more thought.

    Any suggestions for improving this system and any useful pointers in general would be great!

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    For question #1 you might take a look at the link of this page of the EDUCYPEDIA:
    Optical sensors

    For question #2 you might take a look at a solid state relays, as you want to control it by a micro controller and have it isolated from the micro controller.

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    1. U need a LDR.
    2. An opto isolator