AM Transmitter


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You may be interested in the completed project I posted recently on this topic.

You don't need a license for that design because the power and range are so small. But, there are rules. I've forgotten where the line is drawn, but it's not much more than this. If you start optimizing, amplifying, etc., then you'd better look into it.


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No, you don't need a license -or more correctly, that transmitter probably could not qualify for a license on that band on technical grounds. It may not qualify for unlicensed operation if the emissions out of band turn out to be too high.

But don't worry, if you don't connect it to a monster antenna, most likely nobody will hear you (except maybe your neighbors would be annoyed by interference on their television screens).

For reference, in the United States, you are allowed up to 100 milliwatts input to the transmitter's final stage and a single element antenna up to 3 meters long. There are other requirements, such as the signal remaining within the broadcast band.

You can read the details yourself at the URL below.

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