AM transmitter designed for short distance

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    Nov 24, 2011

    i am trying to design am transmitter for short distance to learn basic calculations of transmitter


    modulations type am modulations
    frequency range 1mhz
    voltage supply 12v
    transmitting distance 80m-100m
    audio frequency 20hz-20khz
    low level modulated with linear amplifier

    i know i need following circuit to make transmitter
    audio amplifier circuit
    Oscillator circuit
    RF amplifier circuit

    i need circuit that amplify the signal of mics
    i know to make amplifier circuit
    transistor NPN, PNP transistor
    mode ce, cb, ce
    class A, B, C amplifier

    for design audio amplifier we select following parameters
    audio source -microphone
    transistor npn transistor
    mode common emitter
    class class A power amplifier

    transistor ratings
    collector emitter voltage=30v
    collector base voltage=60v
    emitter base voltage=5v

    collector current=800mA

    microphone ratings
    frequency response 20khz
    impedance 2k ohms

    my questions
    what is gain of audio amplifier for am transmitter
    give idea to know what type of amplification we required
    single stage, two stage, three stage .... which stage i used for am transmitter

    please explain with mathematical calculations
    i don't care bad quality of transmitter