Altium Designer Summer 9 : Auto Route Issue

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    Jan 29, 2011
    Need Altium expert help on below issue.

    Using “Auto route” in Altium, routed report shown as below:
    Routing finished with 3 contentions(s). Failed to complete 1 connection(s) in 6 Minutes 52 Seconds

    Physically view can see few un-route nets, but “Design Rule Check” report showing “Un-Routed Net Constraint” = 0

    Anyone can commend how accurate Altium “Design Rule Check” report?

    What is the recommending action for further step to resolve un-routed net?

    I tried run again auto route (All) then with below result:
    Routing finished with 0 contentions(s). Failed to complete 0 connection(s) in 2 Minutes 22 Seconds
    But physically view can see more un-routed net and un-connected via!!! WHY?

    Anyone can recommend any other powerful auto routing tool that able to route Altium PCB file format (.PcbDoc), after routed then can import back to Altium for further process?

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    One thing to check is that the nu-routed net rule is enabled.

    Not that is isn't good in comparison to other auto-routers, but the Altium auto-router is nowhere near as good as the one you were born with (your brain). The positioning and rough layout of the board should be done by hand as much as possible. People get into trouble by thinking they can just drag parts onto a board, drop them where they turn green, and press auto-route>All. The auto-router will never route things as simply and on as few layers as a human can. The trick to using it is to never give it a job it can screw up.

    That means never auto-route high speed communications, or power connections. No matter how long you spend setting up the design rules, the computer will always get it wrong, since it has no concept up ohms law, current flow, or star grounding.

    The place to use the auto-router is when you have a large number connections between a large number of multi-part chips in one particular area of your board. For example, a 256 input OR-gate to a microprocessor interrupt, or some mathematical function implemented with discrete logic. The auto-router can save a lot of time by making these tedious connections for you. Use Design>Rooms>Place Room to define the area that you would like to have the computer route. Make sure to cover only the chips that you really-really don't want to route by hand. Then go to Auto-Route>Room.

    Using the auto-route tool is a balance between spending too much money engineering a board, and spending too much money manufacturing a board that was designed poorly.