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hi there i am new to altium designer and i have made my frist pcb but i was wonder if there was and option to select all and resize all to a certain length and width because at the moment i am going to make the pcb myself with a laser printer and i have a blank copper surface with dimensions of 100x85mm and at the moment my pcb on altium is sized at 120x130mm.

also i was wondering what is the best way to print the pcb to size on a A4 page because i attempted to print the pcb by going to File,Fabrication output,Final but it came out at completely the wrong size by taking up and entire A4 page on the print out


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If you want to resize the whole pcb within Altium I would say that is not possible (at least not without scripting). But if you only want to resize the printout you could go to File > Page Setup... and select the preferred scaling. This will scale your footprints as well, though. So that might not exactly fit your needs for printing it on a copper-pcb.

If you just want to adjust the width of all tracks you can right click on any track and choose Find Similar Objects... Then define your search criteria and in the window that pops up next change the width to say 8mil.