Alternator rotor magnet pattern question

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    May 5, 2008
    1. In an axial flux alternator, the poles of the magnets are arranged or alternate in a N-S-N-S pattern around the circumference of the rotor disk.My question is,will the axial flux alternator generate electricity if the poles of the magnets are arrange in a (let say) N-N-N-N pattern around the rotor disk.If yes what kind of current will it generate (d.c or a.c).I personally expect a d.c.Although i have not perform this experiment.I would like for you guys to experimentally confirm this.

    2.I live in Nigeria, and believe it or not there is no place where one can buy neodymium magnets and i am badly in need of i would like for someone(i mean a member of this forum)living in the US to buy some for me.Of cause i will have to send him first the money through Western Union Money Transfer and the magnet would have to be delivered via either UPS,FedEx or DHL.which ever one is most suitable for this kind of delivery.

    If anyone is up to this,please email me at ( <snip>). I will send you the specification of the neodymium magnets that i want and you will find out the total cost, plus cost of shipment in dollar ( prefarably in Nigeria Naira if you can do the conversion or compute the exchange rate).Also you will have to tell me what personal data you need from me to facilitate the transfer of the magnet via either UPS,DHL or FedEx .You will send me your personal data that will allow me to send the money via Western Union Money Transfer.

    email me at <snip>


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    International shipping from individual to individual can be very expensive. The lowest rate I got yesterday for a 5 Kg package from USA to England by DHL was more than $150 USD. Commercial entities get much better rates. So, if you can find a vendor (Farnell?) with the magnets you need, the total price would likely be less.

    Americans have become very cautious about releasing any personal information, particularly information with any type of banking connection. Unfortunately, Nigeria has been home to a large number of financial scams. I don't doubt your sincerity in this request. You are probably just a victim of that reputation too. However, it is another reason to deal with a commercial entity.

    I hope these comments are helpful. They are not meant to cast suspicion on you or your country.

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    May 5, 2008
    Hi John i really want to thank you for your kind and informative response to my last post.I have absolutely no idea that it cost that much to send a package from individual to individual.However the total price of the neomagnets ,magna-view fluid and magnetic viewing film i wanted to buy would cost roughly $35 dollars.That is the estimate i got from one of these site sell those stop.But the problem was the medium of payment they all required ( visa credit card, master card and other method of payment) which would make it impossible for me to place an order in their site,and to add to that they don't ship to Nigeria ( it is basically to places in Europe,Asia, America and a few north Africa countries like Egypt). It was really frustrating to me seeing or reading all these restrictions and should i say isolation place on NIGERIA.but i guess they have good reasons for doing that as well. I have tried FARNELL that you suggest but it turned out to be a dead end.What i am considering right now is to see if i can get a supplier or distributor in place like South Africa that ship or take orders from Nigeria.That could be my best bet, maybe.ALL the same, thank you and have a nice day.

    Henry Newton.
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