Altera DE1 Flash memory

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Hi, im working on a project for my Altera DE1 board. I want to use the 4MB flash memory to store more music since if i try to store some music normally, it can only hold around 70 seconds worth of music when using my program.

I have no idea how to use the flash memory on the board and how to program with it. For example, i would like to store some .wav files into the flash memory and play them when i select a certain file.

Currently im just including seperate .wav files and reading each half word and storing them in the right and left sound addresses. Doing it this way i can only store some 10 second clips of music.

Can anyone help me out with using the flash memory? (im writing programs in assembly or C language)


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Do you know why you can only store 10 seconds of music using the method you have mentioned?

Having looked at the capabilities of the DE1 (I'm not personally familiar with the device) and how it implements its Flash memory programming you may be restricted in what you can do. I have been lookin at this site:

It may also help to post up your code.