Airsoft/Paintball Scenario Bomb (Timer)

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I need to create a scenario (inert) bomb for airsoft. This is basically a timer with a siren that can be armed and disarmed, making a Search and Destroy/Sabotage gametype possible.

Basically I need to make something like this:
Without the scenery.

Which processor would be the best one for this?

I was wondering if anyone knew what exactly I'd need. I need to do it on a budget, from what I can tell I need atleast this much:

1. Piezo Siren

2. 2x16 LCD display

3. Two Push Buttons (Green and Red) for arming and disarming
From Radio Shack.

4. Printed Circuit board (This is basically a breadboard, correct?)

I am unsure of what I need as far as the actual wiring goes, resistors, etc.

Additonally I'd like to add in a key system. Basically a switch that is off without the key inserted (connecting the circuit). This would allow me to tether the key to a tree or other object and force them to be at the location before they can arm it.

If someone knows how I could incorporate an Accelerometer so that once the bomb is "armed" it can't be picked up (but won't go off if slightly bumped) that would be preferred.

Overall this circuit needs to have:
1. a push button with an arming timer.
2. a push button with a disarming timer
3. LCD screen to display the progress bar/time remaining
4. A method for ensuring the bomb is not armed early.
5. A loud siren for detonation.
6. A simple keypad/dial for inputting detonation time.
7. Microprocessor to control it all

I know I may sound "noobish" posting this, and may of left out some important aspects.. I promise I pick up on things fast, I just need a jumping off point.

Thanks for any help; it's greatly appreciated.