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    Jun 26, 2008
    Hey there,

    In an effort to become a bit more green and stop waking up feeling like a frozen ice block, I would like to design a circuit to control the power to my air conditioner. The problem is that the air conditioner does not have a temperature set point, so when it is turned on, even when the room is sufficiently cool, it keeps cooling the room.

    What I think would work best is a thermistor sent throught a bjt circuit, and then use a relay circuit like the one below:

    So, when the circuit is properly tuned, it would allow the air conditioner to work until the room reaches a certain temperature, and then circuit would turn off the power to the air conditioner.

    Any thougths? Any resources? Has this been done before?


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    That should work as long as the relay contacts are rated above the voltage and current draw of the unit. It's pretty easy to rig a thermistor in series with a fixed resistor to use as a thermostat. Use a voltage conparitor that has a pot on one input to vary the temperature set point. You will want to use a feedback resistor to give you some hysteresis so the AC doesn't cycle too frequently. Place the thermistor somewhere out of the direct breeze from the AC unit, too.