AI is set to bring reform changes in major industries. Will this be a disruption or promote growth?


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Something useful from 'AI'.

Zippers: patented in 1851, gaining wide adoption since the 20s, and still letting us down to this day. In this age of flying cars, can technology help us? Can we somehow get an alert, beyond an amused coworker, when your flyer is open and shouldn’t be?

It's also interesting how they fail sometimes. They can outright break, but also a piece of fabric can get stuck in there.

This might be piled in with the way things change as the complexity grows. Zippers are much more complex than buttons. This means their modes of failure will be more wide and unforeseeable than with the simpler technology.
We are seeing this with the 'new' 737max's too. More complicated, more modes of failure where some are just totally unforeseeable.


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Anki, the San Francisco startup behind AI-imbued robotics toys like Overdrive, Cozmo, and Vector, today shuttered its doors after raising close to $200 million in venture capital from Index Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, J.P. Morgan, Andreessen Horowitz, and other investors. According to Recode, it’ll lay off its entire workforce of just over 200 employees, each of whom will receive a week of severance.
Anki’s closure follows the shuttering of Bosch-backed startup Mayfield Robotics, which was developing a larger, pricier ($700) home robot dubbed Kuri. Robotics company Jibo, which engineered a social robot featuring a bespoke conversational assistant, shut down earlier this year. In somewhat related news, industrial robotics company Rethink Robotics closed its doors seven months ago after attempting unsuccessfully to find an acquirer.