AGC circuit virtual ground

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I'm trying to build the circuit found here, for use with an audio signal.

It says use +-15V but I want to use just +5 volts. I have a virtual ground at 2.5 volts for the circuit too. How can I substitute in my power source

How should I try connecting the circuit?
Should I make the ground shown the virtual ground and connect the real ground to the opamp power terminals
Or do you know of a better automatic gain / volume control circuit?



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The FET is the heart of the circuit, it needs to be considered first.

The main issue I see is that running on only 5 volts you might not have enough voltage range available to get the FET to cut off properly. From the MPF102 data sheet- gate cutoff voltage = -8 volts.


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I was thinking the same. You will probably get a very narrow gain range.The circuit will not work very good as AGC circuit, if at all. You should simulate this circuit using +/- 15 and +/-volt 2.5 volt before you start to build


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Might consider an analog optical coupler as the gain control element, available with incadescent lamp or LED. 5V should be enough for a 1 V RMS output.


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AGC circuits used by most TV stations sound awful. A background noise like a little SNAP causes voices to disappear for a few seconds!
Loud voices are clamped like they are hit down with a hammer!
If a low level sound follows a loud sound then the low level sound is not heard for a few seconds.
Compressed sounds usually have high distortion.