Advice on rework station (Infra red) Re-balling Chips etc

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I would like to start repairing SMD such as xbox 360 GPUs etc

I have recently setup business fixing phones, computers etc and thought I could invest in some nice equipment to do reballing of chips on pcbs.

I'm unsure what to buy at the moment and I'm weary of buying total rubbish but at the same time I don't want anything which is over my budget.

I have possibly a budget between £100 / £300 for one I have seen various models at different prices and not really sure what the difference is and don'y want to waste my money on something I wont use.

I have seen some nice videos on YouTube but they always make things look so easy on those videos for reballing, I want equipment which will heat up specific area of the chip (I can mask off the other components with silver foil tape)

as you can tell I have not got much experience with SMD but I would like to learn how to do these repairs as it could be a good source of income for me fixing RROD

can anyone give me some good advice?

thanks in advance.