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    Jan 4, 2009
    Hi guys. Need some feedback/suggestions. Basically i need to come up with some circuitry which will then be able to automatically analyse some known circuits in a box and obtain unkown values of the components. One of these circuits is an RC parallel circuit. So I need to present the values of R and C as well as the corner frequency. I have been given the series from which the R and C will be from so from that I created a look up table which can then be used to tell me which RC combination is used.
    The idea i had for this was to step the circuit and sample the output using AC-DC converter. Then with some software use the buffered values to calculate the time constant hence the corner frequency f=1/(2πτ) and also the RC (RC=τ) combination.
    Does anyone have any feedback on if this sounds like a good method. Also with the look up table method I have the problem that there are repetitions in some of the RC combinations whereby some products give the same value and this does not allow me to determine which specific RC combination is in the box. Any ideas on how to overcome this??

    Hi just to give a bit more background info on this since it might be a bit abstract hence I haven't had any replies. This circuitry is going to be placed on a buggy which will navigate on an arena and analyse circuit boxes without human intervention. I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me in any way!! Cheers.
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