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Hi everyone,

I am asked by my lecturer to design a circuit that will produce a sinewave which biased at 2.5 Volt. I don't know how does a sinewave biased at 2.5 Volt looks like. Can anyone give me some advice on how this sinewave looks like and some of its characteristics? How can I desiged this circuit? Thanks Very much for your advice.


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Hi...Using OP-AMP's would be your best bet..... Have a look on the web, there are many ways of procucing a sine wave, some simple (a single op-amp).This is your assignment, and you can learn a lot from reaserch......Good luck...Daniel.


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You can use a graphical software package to plot the function:
Rich (BB code):
f(t) = 2.5 + A*sin(wt)
where A is the amplitude of the sine wave
It looks like a sine wave in which all of the points have been shifted in the positive y direction by 2.5 Volts.