Advice needed: Doubling mains frequency before feeding transformers.

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Hi there,

I would appreciate ideas and pointers on how I might increase the mains line frequency used as the supply for two or more step-up transformers. Constructive criticisms and cautions regarding any possible negative implications would also be appreciated. ;)

Current situation: Line voltage is 220VAC 50hz feeding two 12KV 60mA neon sign transformers wired in parallel with correct phasing. The 12KV 120mA output of the transformers is used to charge a capacitor in an RLC resonant circuit (50 to 150KHz).

What I would like to do is double or even triple the input frequency as that, it would seem to me, would reduce the output ripple considerably and allow me to use a far smaller value capacitor in the resonant circuit. What I am unsure of is how to achieve this cost effectively and what implications it would have on the transformers and for that matter the rest of the resonant circuit. :confused:


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I ould you suggest you read through our material on transformers -

Having done so, you will see that the transformer would lose efficiency with the increase in input frequency, so the output would fall to a fraction of the 50/60 Hz rating. The output power is a substantial 1440 watts.

As an attempt to double the output frequency, wire the transformer outputs in series. Use the common point as a center tap, and make a full wave rectifier. That will have you filtering a 100 Hz waveform.