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    [​IMG]Hi, I am stuck on a question I'm working on. I have tried several different ways, but the admittance network I get (for both of the circuits) just doesn't match the answer in the solution:

    Here's my attempt:
    for the 2nd circuit:
    Admittance of Cap in s domain = 1/(1/s) = s.
    s in series with s = 1/(1/s+1/s) = s/2
    s/2 || s = s/2+s = 3s/2.

    This should be the admittance for Y11. The value they give is 2s.

    for the 1st circuit (calculating Y21):
    I1 = V1.
    Current in dep. source = 2V1.
    V2 = 1*2V1 = 2I1 => I1 / V2 = 1/2 = Y21 != 2 (again different)

    I'm seriously missing something here...

    EDIT: I was using the impedance network equation, so I was setting V1 and V2 to open instead of shorting them, stupid mistake on my part.
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