Adjustable Regulator with Adjustable Current Limit

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Hello Everyone,

I have been working on rectifier deisgning. I have 20 Volts DC output from full wave rectifier. Now I want to regulate DC output to around 20 Vdc.

I need 20 V across my 200 Ω Load. So basically I need around 0.100 Amp current from voltage regulator.

Here is the schematic of Voltage Regulator IC (Please find the attachements & refer page no. 1 & 10 of application note)

Can I use this voltage regulator only with Output Current sensing/ Limiting Resistor Rcso?

( I do not need voltage divider using R1,R2 as I already have load with 200 Ohms)

It would be nice to hear suggestions from you.




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The output voltage can only go upto a max of Vin - Vdropout, where Vdropout is specified to be 500mV under some conditions, which means you can only consider getting 19.5V as the max. output. The series pass element which drops this Vdropout is there irrespective of current limit or voltage regulation.
R1 & R2 are necessary. They are not load resistors, but sensing of output voltage for regulation. Vout will be (R1+R2)*Vref/R2.
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