Adjustable Gain Amplifier Kit

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    Adjustable Gain Amplifier - Only £2.49

    (Made and sold in the UK)

    • Selectable gain of either 2, 4, 10 and 20
    • Small PCB size makes it ideal for desktop use
    • Minimum supply voltage of just 3V!
    • Maximum supply voltage of 32V!
    • Useful for pre-amplification of signals that need to be measured
    • Affordable to all

    Kit Manual

    Download the manual here:


    Measuring voltages in electronics is crucial if the circuit under test is not functioning properly. In many cases the voltages can be easily measured as they are larger than a few mV but there are other cases where they are in fact lower than 1mV. This is where the adjustable gain amplifier comes into use!

    The adjustable gain amplifier does what it says on the tin! The gain of the amplifier can easily be adjusted by simply changing the four switch positions appropriately. The gains available are 2, 4, 10 and 20. The signal under test is first applied to the input of the amplifier (making sure that the ground for the adjustable amplifier is also common to the ground of the circuit under test). Once the signal is applied the appropriate gain is chosen and the amplified value is present on the output.

    Since the amplifier uses op-amps as the amplification device the amplifier also has the same characteristics that make op-amps useful. Firstly, the input impedance of the amplifier is in the order of mega ohms so the device draws very small amounts of current and thus does not interfere with the input signal. The output stage of the amplifier is buffered which isolates the input from the output. This is also an advantage because the circuit under test is not affected by any devices after the amplifier (or the amplifier itself for that matter).

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