adding to find neutral current

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    If I am trying to fins the neutral current and am given the following information that the system is balanced with current in a phase

    ia = 30 sin(wt-15)+5 sin3(wt-15)+3sin5(wt-15)+sin7(wt-15)+0.5sin9(wt-30) where w=100∏rad/s

    I know that ib (lag 120) and ic (lead 120) are the same as ia as the load is balance. so
    ib = 30 sin(wt-135)+5 sin3(wt-135)+3sin5(wt-135)+sin7(wt-135)+0.5sin9(wt-150)
    ic = 30 sin(wt-105)+5 sin3(wt-105)+3sin5(wt-105)+sin7(wt-105)+0.5sin9(wt-90)

    Using the fundamental component 30sin(wt-15) do i just times these together?

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