Adder/Subtractor with Error Detector

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    Dec 13, 2012
    I'm "building" a fou-bit adder/subtractor using Quartus II. When I connect to the trainer board, everything works fine - adds, subtracts, +/- sign, correct decimal readout...problem is, the instructor wants an error detector to indicate an incorrect result (e.g. when you add 2 to 6, readout is "-8"; we want "E -8"). Our big hint was to use the adder overflow. But I can't get it to work correctly. The error shows in the adder, before it is clocked. When I try to add 6+2, it shows up as E06.

    I have the lpm adder/subtractor going into a DFF, which then goes through a parser and then to the 7 segment display. One output of the parser goes to the second (sign) 7 segment for +/- (set up to read either "0" for positive, "-" for negative).

    The overflow has been set up to:
    1 - go directly to the 7 segment to read "E" when there's an error.
    2 - go through an AND gate to delay it until it is clocked.
    3 - go through a latch to delay it.

    None of these schemes has worked. Seven (smart) students are stuck on this, our last project. Any ideas?
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    That solution looks good to build on a breadboard, but the problem I have is that the circuit is designed using the Quartus software and sent to a FPGA. The adder/subtractor is a pre-designed component; I have no access to the interior. That means I can't connect to the bits between the adder components. Everything has to connect externally to the adder.

    Do you have any other suggestions?
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