ADC of PIC16f877a

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i m new to pic.i m trying to do the temperature measurement using pic16f877a.i need a help from u.can i get the code for this from u.i m confused what are the register i have to enable.plz help me to do the project



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Please do not hijack another users thread.

You may wish to embellish on the arrangement you have employed for deducing your temperature measurement. If you are unsure about the information you are required to provide please read this.

i think can you read the condition first and then ask other quesion yo be build the benefit to world is better together the pic16f877 i think so simple for learning .depend on you choice the langguge such C,basic,asembly i think you must be learn c langgage first the reason to say is a easy to understand and could be improve your skill to soon