ADC an DAC arhitectures

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Hello everyone!
I am writing one work related to the A / D, D / A architectures (flash, succesiv approximation,R-2R ladder, etc.)
Does anyone know where I can find information related to
some future technologies or architectures. I mean in what direction will be further development or something like that.
I found a lot of information regarding the existing architectures
how they work what are their advantages and disadvantages and in which areas are they used, but I need to know are there any new technology which will be used instead of today's architectures.
thanks in advance.


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I think the number of different ways to do A/D and D/A converters is probably pretty well exhausted. The latest technique is the Sigma-Delta which uses extensive digital processing to perform the conversion. Any new techniques will likely involve some variation of that or perhaps some other technique that uses mostly digital processing.