Adapting R/C controller

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    Feb 13, 2012
    Im very ignorant in elec stuff, so I would appreciate any advice!
    Im a C5 quadriplegic, so I have some arm use but no finger. Im wanting to get into R/C flying, but will probably start with ground. Instead of just extending the levers on a controller like most quads would do. I want to reuse or replace the throttle pot inside(off-board), and control it by biting down. Im thinking about making an assembly (See attached) that I fit between my front teeth and stay @ idle until I bite down to full throttle. (And then springs back to idle) I saw some people remove parts in a controller and they say the pot is 0-5k, rotary, liniar, .5W.
    The thing im trying to design around is the type of pot I need. I found maybe 1 pot that has only 90 degree of rotation. Would prefer 90 or less. So....if the pot i need only comes in 270 or more in rotation, I will have to make it mechanicaly stop @ 90. Then Im only using 1/3 its potential. Is this ok, do i rather use a 15k or something? Can you tell the controller that full throttle is at 90 degree? Thanks for any help!