AD9777 Issue

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    Feb 12, 2013

    I have read the AD9777 Data sheet and i have some quastions regarding the correct use of the device with the evaluation board.

    1)my purpse using the device is to create a 140 MHZ square wave output (IN OUT1) , and my quastion is if i can creat this output using the device in most basic way.
    meaning: 140 MHZ square wave 16-bit input, with 280 MHZ clock which is driven from a single-ended source (CLKIN) .
    the configuration that i want to use is :"pll disabled, one-port mode"
    is this configuration as i described it should work ?

    2)it is written in the data sheet that when i am using :"pll disabled, one-port mode", i should note that 1X interpolation is not available in the one-port mode", what does it mean if i am not using the PLL?

    thank you so much for your answers,