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I have an actuator that I need to activate on it's own and extend and then in 60 minutes, reverse polarity on it's own and close. I would need this to continue this on a loop. And suggestions on relays that would help me on this. Thanks in advance, I'm a new at this just so you know.


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Do you have any more information on this "actuator"?
Like, what voltage and current it requires?
Maximum and minimum currents?
Does it have built-in limit switches, or do you need to add them?


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How are you going to be powering this actuator?
Are you building your own power supply, or are you considering operating it from batteries?


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Then it extends for 60 min., then retracts for a few seconds, then extends again?
Simple approach might be to use two 555 timer ICs & DPDT relay; first 555 free runs with period of 60 min., at reset it triggers second 555 configured as a one-shot set for retract time + a little safety time margin. Second 555 drives relay [ asuming coil current less than 200 mA ] with normally open contacts set to extend.
Might want to check post by Dimitris76 also on Projects Forum.
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Well, I'm thinking that Slinky wants it to extend, sit there for 60 minutes, and then retract, and sit there another 60 minutes, and repeat. Is that right?

If so, a 555 clocking a 14-bit counter that controls a transistor or MOSFET driving a DPDT relay coil could do the trick pretty cheaply. The timing wouldn't be terribly accurate, but I haven't heard how accurate it needs to be.


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Since there are internal limit switches in the acuator, 1 hour cycles and line power available, Slinky could use a cheap plug-in wall-timer, switching a DPDT 120VAC relay to change the polarity of the 12VDC every 60 minutes.