Active Low/High Pass Filters graphing

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hello, this is my first thread here :)

anyways i need some help on graphing Active Low/High Pass filters
and I was wondering that when you're finding the roll off rate, is it must be in 24dB/OCT?(our circuits were 4th order and it was -80dB/decade so it should be -24dB/OCT.).

Because when i was graphing from my lab results, I was only able to get 16dB/OCT. Also they said they don't need to be in exact numbers like 24dB/OCT, but mine was so low, so i got confused.

Umm so is it ok to have less roll off rate like this? maybe i made wrong measurements? :(. was it when you found critical frequency, its doubled of that in low pass and half of it in high pass to find roll off rate in OCT, right? and then difference of these two?

our circuits were 4th order and it was -80dB/decade so it should be -24dB/OCT.



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One order is 6dB per octave so arithmatic calculates 4 orders to be 24dB per octave.

Lowpass: Maybe you used an old opamp that has poor high frequency response so the higher frequencies went through it without being attenuated.
Highpass: Maybe your wiring picks up mains hum.

Maybe you made a Bessel filter that has a gradual corner instead of a Butterworth filter that has a sharp corner.

Post your schematic for us to see.