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    Feb 16, 2013
    I am working on a project that I require negative voltage for -acceleration and positive voltage for +acceleration

    I am using a KXPS5-3157 accelerometer in analog mode.

    Data sheet:

    While at rest, the accelerometer outputs a voltage equal to VCC/2

    so 3.3V supply 0G's will be 1.65Volts, the sensitivity per G is 440mV per G

    I was thinking I could design an opamp to "zero" the accelerometer at 1.65 volts, then the negative and positive voltages will come out of the opamp @ 440mv per G sensitivity

    I need to cancel out gravity in the Z axis which is 1G, so thats 2.09 Volts to zero out for the Z axis

    (1.65 + 0.440) volts

    My run at the circuit:


    My problem is I have +12V, +5V, and +3.3V available, but I don't have any negative supply voltage for -3.3V and + 3.3V

    I was wondering if it's possible to design a single supply opamp that would do the same thing with a virtual ground??

    using a potentiometer to zero it out, but in multisim I couldn't get it down to exactly zero

    I have a bunch of mcp601 opamps, they are rail to rail single supply opamps

    Data sheet:

    Any help is appreciated
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    You're going to need a negative supply to correctly level shift. You can get a negative supply by building a small buck converter to convert +3.3V to -3.3V. Check out the spec sheet for the MC34063. All you need is a few passive components and a tight board layout.

    Another option is to think of a way around your requirement to have a negative voltage for a negative acceleration.