AC voltage

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Can I ask a question about AC voltage?
I have 2 power converters from 12dc to 115vac, 170W. This is used in the car. But my equipment is rated 200W, so I can not use one converter because less power. Can you show me how to connect 2 power converters to make more power and can handle my equipment?

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Are you trying to power one device that requires 200W, or several devices that have a total power requirement of 200W?



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My first guess is do not do it. This because the output from the two converters is not in synch. Therefore the result may be unpredictable and in worst case damage your equipment.
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Your DC to AC converters are called inverters. Ideally you would be able to connect the inverters in parallel to power your load. t06afre is right, inverters are very tricky to parallel, even if it was designed for it (and likely one for a car is not).

You also stand to risk of drawing too much current from your battery. Unfortunately lead acid batteries don't just reduce run time by two when you increase the discharge current by two. The run time can reduce by a factor of three to ten times when you double your discharge current.